Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My new blog

So I've had a "crafting" blog for a little while that I don't really post on because I don't have time. Rather than make this blog private (because I really don't want to go private) I'm just going to start my regular blogging on that site. I really don't think its the best idea to use my full name as my blog address. Anyway, I'll send a link to the people who have already given me their address. If you haven't yet, give me your email!!!


  1. These kind of look like those cute hair flowers I was telling you about at the farmers market.


  2. hey Katie! Could you send me the link again? Thanks!!! :)

  3. Hey Katie,
    So I keep telling myself that I need to send you a message so I can see your other blog. I've been procrastinating though. So here it is:

    Katie, I would love to continue reading your blog and following you and your family. Please send me an invite! kellishimek@gmail.com :) Thanks!