Wednesday, December 5, 2012

O Christmas Tree

Our friends took us Christmas Tree shopping... in the woods. We stopped in town and bought tree permits and then into the wild we went. It had been raining and we drove in the mud. For a few minutes Michael and I thought our poor little Astrid (the van) wouldn't make it up the slippery slopes. She pushed on and we made it to our destination. 

Some of us stayed in the car and the rest of us hiked up the hill and tromped through squishy mud. Our friends Tom and Kricket hiked the whole way carrying children! 

We found our trees, the guys sawed them down, and we all bolted for the car. We climbed in just as it started to drizzle again.

It may have been cold, windy, and muddy, but we had such a fun time. My only regret is that I left my extra roll of film in the car. My roll ended just as we headed back down the hill. Oh, well. We had such a great time that we'll most definitely do it again next year.

Photos of our decorated Charlie Brown Christmas tree coming soon.