Friday, March 28, 2008


On the way to the beach

The houses I wish I lived in!

Me, Emma, Lily, and Kaylee with a nice trash can next to us!

Before she fell in the water:)

Emma playing...

Emma and Lily

Annie, Chelsea, and Kaylee

Cutest girl EVER!

Emma and Lily digging

Floyd's Barbershop in Santa Monica

We have been in California for the last week! Michael thought that me and the girls should come visit for a few weeks before this semester ends and the next one starts. He called my mom and made plans to meet her and everything! We're going to ride back up to Idaho with my mom and grandpa in a couple of weeks. Anyway, we spent Easter with my family last weekend and this whole week we've been in Sylmar with my grandpa. It's just been me and Emma and the girls.
We went to Andrew's baseball game in Lancaster on Tuesday and today we went to Santa Monica to the beach. It was so fun! It's a little too cold to swim but the weather was perfect! Lily went for a little swim though, she fell in the water almost as soon as we got to it. It was really funny! Lily loves the beach. She ran straight for the water any time she got the chance! Hopefully next time it will be warm enough to actually swim!


Dying Easter eggs the night before Easter. I gave Lily the eggs she dyed so I could take a picture and the first thing she did was smash them together!

In our Easter dresses before church.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just some cute pics

We took Lily to see her first movie! Horton Hears a Who!!! It was fun but we found out that Lily is NOT ready for movies yet:) It was hard to get her to sit still through the second half!

We celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday, the 18th. Three whole years!!!

Lily and her wall art (yeah, she got in trouble).

Kaylee fell asleep on the floor and Lily just laid with her for the longest time. It was so cute!

I put Lily in bed for her nap the other day and she wanted to lay with her baby doll like I do with Kaylee. She's funny. Oh, and we took her pacifier away about a year ago but she LOVES to take Kaylee's:)

Kaylee in her snow suit. I thought she looked like the little boy on A Christmas Story. She could barely move, it was so funny!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I forgot to put a picture of Lily eating her birthday cake!! It was so yummy! Chocolate cake with the best ever chocolate frosting! Thanks Geri!!!


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This is the video I tried to post a few weeks ago. I don't know why it didn't work. Anyway there is no sound and its from over a year ago, but I still think it is so funny! We miss Zach...
Oh and don't click where it says more videos. They aren't mine and I have no idea what they are.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We had a little silly string war/ wrestling match. Michael was the target for silly string and he fought whoever shot it at him. It was mainly Geri, but Shane (Klenk, he is our friend from Sylmar) got Michael once and they got into a good little fight. It was really funny. Shane got two cuts on his face and a little hickey looking thing on his neck! Anyway, there was silly string everywhere! Shane vacuumed it all up, I wish I had a picture of that! Then we all played Duck Duck Goose and Lily loved it!


I know it's terrible but I FORGOT to get candles!!! Good thing she was only turning 2 and I have plenty of little candles around the house:)
Rachel gave Kaylee a few little tastes of cake. Kaylee, of course, loved it and used her new crawling skills to get a piece of her very own!

Opening Presents

Just some pictures of Lily opening her super cool birthday gifts. I forgot to add that she also got a box of Macaroni and Cheese. I know I am forgetting some. It was so funny!

Lily's Birthday

Here are some cute pictures of Kaylee AND of Lily's birthday presents! In case you are wondering, Lily is not ridiculously spoiled. I will explain... The last picture is Geri holding my broken bowl. She was making Lily's cake and I don't know if she thinks she's the Incredible Hulk or what but she stirred a huge hole right through it!
Okay about Lily's presents. Rachel and Sarah walked in the door with grocery sacks full of wrapped up pink presents. I laughed and laughed because I knew right then that she was going to be getting some pretty special gifts:) They were wrapped horrendously (they didn't have any scissors) It was so funny! Let me list them for you: Spongebob fruit snacks, Dora crackers, a package of Twizzlers nibs AND a package of twizzler bites, a gallon of milk (since they know we love milk so much), a single package of Ritz crackers, two scratcher tickets (she won four dollars!), a cute Diego blanket (they said that was her real present), a little Dora kite, a box of Cheerios... am I forgetting anything? She got lots of goodies. It was hilarious. I have the best, coolest cousins:)
We got Lily crayons and two coloring books and some really cute Cinderella slippers. I also made her a tutu that matches her slippers. She loves to dress up! She also got lots of cute gifts in the mail from her Floyd grandparents and her Howe grandparents. She is one loved little girl!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A few more...

Lily loves to read!!! She will spend a long time just sitting on the floor looking through the pages of a book, and she is always bringing us one to read to her. It's the cutest. She was being really quiet the other day and Michael found her sitting in the swing in the corner of her bedroom reading this book. We love her!
She got a birthday package in the mail from her Grandma and Grandpa Floyd yesterday. Thank you! This is her new birthday outfit:)
My cousin Sarah is coming over today to help me finish the quilt I'm working on. I'm so excited!!!! I'll post a picture when I'm finished.

Sleeping Beauties

Like I said the other day, I LOVE sleeping pictures! Lily laid down on the floor the other day and pulled her blanket over her and went to sleep! The second one is from this morning. I woke up while Michael was getting ready for work and they looked so cute that I just had to take a picture! The last on was from the other day when I woke Lily up from a late nap. She walked into the living room and climbed on to her rocking caterpillar and went back to sleep! She is so funny. The girl loves her sleep and she doesn't like to wake up a minute before she's ready!