Wednesday, November 30, 2016

If you are chilly....

[scroll to the bottom for pattern/yarn info]

Every time we go on a long drive I think I'll have all the time in the world to knit and crochet. We spent 48+ hours in the car over the last 10 days and I got about 6 hours of knitting in. I guess that's the way it goes when you have 6 kids! I should know that I won't have as much time as I think, but I always bring yarn for 3-4 projects and I'm lucky if I get to finish one. I don't mind too much because not knitting meant watching movies with my kids, singing songs, searching maps as Michael drove, make time-lapse videos of our drive, eating snacks, helping cranky kids to get happy, and lots of conversation with my hubby boy. Now THAT'S a treat! We aren't often able to have an uninterrupted conversation but all that time in the car meant lots of talking and listening for us.

I'm not even sad that I only got one project done because, look how cute it is! The pattern is knit in one piece and very simple; perfect for a beginner. Because it was so basic, I was afraid it wouldn't be flattering and that I wouldn't love the final result. Happily, it turned out so cute and it's so squishy and cozy; she's extra huggable in this little sweater, if that's even possible!  I actually really love how plain and simple the sweater is. Sometimes simplicity is as lovely as intricacy.

Pattern: One Piece Baby Pullover
Yarn: Swish DK by Knit Picks in Dove Heather*

*The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn. I used dk by accident and, as a result, the sweater is a tad smaller than I would have liked.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

An afternoon at the Floyd House

We made a video of our afternoon today. I think it's kind of cute.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Be Prepared to Be Scared

 Popcorn balls from Grandma!

Six kids listening to daddy tell a spooky story.

On our big shopping day down in the Big City.

We love this finger-sucking baby.

Hanging out at Zach and Rachel's

A tiger and his daddy.

A bear and her grandpa.

 Halloween treats.

A pretty sunset.

Halloween bingo in kindergarten.

I delivered some spooky snacks to school for this cute doctor and kitty.

I love her.

We are so lucky to live just a few hours from grandpa Christensen. We spent the weekend at his house and had a lovely time being with our family. I didn't get any of it on the video, but we gathered at his house with my Uncle Michael and Aunt Susan, Zach and Rachel, grandma and grandpa Howe, and cousins Kellie and Nathan. Michael and Susan have been remodeling and needed a cleanup crew! So everyone pitched in to help. Well, I wasn't much help, but everyone else was great! On Saturday we went to a Trunk or Treat at Michael and Susan's church and it was so fun. The kids loved going around and seeing the spooky decorated trunks, we met a CUTE bulldog named Hank, and Kellie made homemade rootbeer, or Witch's Blood, as Nathan called it. We LOVE our family and it was so fun to be with them. Michael and Susan just moved back to the Pasadena area (from Sacramento) and we're so happy that they live somewhat close to us now! It's been so fun to see them every time we go to grandpa and Cecil's. Speaking of grandpa and Cecil! They are coming home from their 6 month temple mission in Palmyra this week! We can't wait to have them back!

We came home from our lovely weekend to Uncle Andrew and Aunt Nicole! We're so excited that they will be just up the street from us for the next couple of months! And the best part is that their sweet baby girl is due at the end of the month! Hooray for aunts, uncles, and new baby cousins!

The kids had a great Halloween, even though it seemed like we were missing half their costumes by time the actual day rolled in. I love my little cuties and I'm so glad they don't want to be anything (too) scary yet.

Last night I was wrapping up my vlog for the week on my front porch with the intention of getting our cute halloween pumpkin in the shot but I heard some seriously spooky noises that sent me hightailing it into the house! I can't even describe what I heard and of course it couldn't be heard on the video, but it was like rattling and whizzing and right next to me in the yard! Scary Halloween stuff.

As much fun as Halloween is, I am always relieved when it's over! I feel like I spend the whole month searching for missing costume pieces as the kids change their minds a hundred times about what they want to be, sending me on new searches for new items. It makes me feel so stressed out! But the parties, the decorations, the costumes (once they are complete and actually on their bodies), the candy, and the fun are all so great, it makes it worth the effort!

Now we are on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. My berry wreath is already hanging up:) I love this time of year.

BUT WAIT! There's more! Disclaimer: I no longer care whether my pictures are pretty enough to be blog or Pinterest worthy and I don't care if there's clutter and my house looks messy. My kids took most of these and I think they're wonderful!

Don't forget to watch our video at the bottom of the post!

Me in my natural element.

Mallory in her natural element!