Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Lily told me a few nights ago that she wants to be "furtographer". I told her she could only be a proper photographer if she can say "photographer" properly. Wh knew that's all it took? You are welcome for the information. She took a lot of these photos. I will credit her for the one she took.

 [Lily] (but that's Kaylee in the photo, just so we're clear.)

She was sooooo proud of this one. She had Kaylee hold the backdrop up and squealed with delight when she saw the result of her efforts. The next morning she got my camera down and turned it on to look at this photo again and said, "I'm just so happy with this picture that I took!" I know that feeling well:) It was fun to see her experience it.

I love her gums in this photo. And that baby cellulite!!

Matthew does this thing where he tries to tell me that "The Sign" says to do something (The Sign says I don't need to wash my hands!" "The Sign says it's not bedtime yet!" etc.) Here are a million photos if him telling me that The Sign says he can watch Paw Patrol on YouTube (he's not allowed to watch it on YouTube, he has to watch it on Amazon Prime).

 Also, he's on day 5 in a diaper because he's had a nasty stomach bug.

the end.