Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I don't know why I didn't think to put this up sooner! I am reading the book (again) and I am SOOO excited to see the movie in December! I'm sorry, I just can't help it! I am NOT as obsessed as all of the other crazy fans though. Only mildly:)

ANYWAY! We didn't get to go on our horseback ride this weekend. It has rained for like 5 days straight and it's supposed to rain a few more:( We didn't do anything for Memorial Day yesterday because of the weather. We did go to Aaron and Kaylyn's and that was fun. We just hung out and played a game. They are getting a little beagle in a couple of weeks. We're excited:)
I don't know what else to write about... I'll put some pictures up soon... hopefully:)
Oh, and if you need to pause the music to hear the videos it's at the very bottom of the page.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Such a Good WEEK!

We had a great week! It was nice and busy... I babysat a little boy from our ward this week. His name is Daxon and he is SO cute! Lily loves playing with him so it was perfect!
Yesterday was a very busy day! We went to a playgroup again and it was so fun! Lily and I both made new friends! I also had to take an exam for the first unit in my online class. I was a little stressed and rushed when I took it but I managed to get a 90 so I was happy. Kind of! I could have done better... Let's see ... we had an Enrichment activity last night and another girl and I were in charge of the decorations (I am on the Enrichment committee, have I mentioned that?) We had a Mexican Fiesta/Get To Know You activity. I was SOO glad I went! I always feel awkward going into Relief Society because I don't really know anyone and I am SO shy around new people! It was really cool to get to know some of the girls! Now church wont be so scary:)
Today me and my friend Kendra (Daxon's mom) took the kids to the park. It was fun! There's a little tiny water playground for small children at the park. Its called the Spray Park and today was the first day it was open. It is so cute but as soon as we got them in their bathing suits the clouds came and covered the sun and it got cold. Poor Lily was shivering SO bad! It was sad! There is also a carousel, so we took them for a ride on that. It was really fun!
Tomorrow Michael and I are going horseback riding. Its just a trail ride with the school but Michael is DYING to get on a horse and it will be fun! I'm excited to go, I get to wear my boots!

Michael took this while he was getting ready for work a few days ago.

She loves to play with Vaseline!

Some cute family pictures. I know my head looks HUGE next to Michael's. BUT I was in front and besides, he has a tiny head:)

I am up way, WAY later than the rest of our family so I left Michael this little I Love You message for when he was getting ready for work the next morning. When I got up I found the second one:)

Daxon and Lily

I did Lily's makeup:)

Eating pudding:)

Our new double stroller that we love so MUCH!!! The backseat also turns into a bench. Its awesome. We love it!

Michael and Katie

Me, Kendra, Daxon and Lily at the carousel. Not the greatest picture, I know. I thought Lily was going to fall asleep on it. And it didn't seem like Daxon was liking it too much until we had to get off! He cried and cried. They both fell asleep on the way home, that was NICE!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I just had a bowl of the fruity pebbles that I've been avoiding and they were SOOOOO goooood! Anyway, we are going to Michael's soccer game here in a few minutes. He plays for a co-ed intramural team, the All Blacks. He plays with our cousin Audrey. They've only had one game so far and they lost SOOOO bad! Hopefully tonight they will do better. I can't take any pictures because my camera is dead and we can't find the charger... go figure!
Well, I was on campus again for my voice lessons and I also took a test for my humanities class. I actually got really hot pushing my huge double stroller around. And I am GLAD that it was warm outside because yesterday it was snowing! That reminds me, we got the girls a double-stroller finally! It is so much easier to get around now, we go everywhere! I love it so much!
I need to put up pictures, I'm going to find my camera!

Friday, May 9, 2008

I thought this video was SO funny! I always tease Michael of having the Man-flu


SO. The girls and I went to a play group yesterday. Our ward has the TINIEST nursery ever! But I met a girl from the family ward (we are in the student ward) and she invited me to go to their play group. I am always nervous around new people! It was fun though. It is so nice when Lily has other kids to play with. AND it's nice to have girls like me to talk to!
We are talking about moving over to the family ward. I wanted to go there in the first place, and we did go the first Sunday we were here, BUT it starts at 8:30am! It's hard to get up that early! The girls would sleep until 10:00 or 10:30 if I let them! Also when we went the student ward Michael liked it a lot better. Plus it starts at 1:00 :) So we decided to stay. I think we will probably wait to switch...
OH. I had my second voice lesson yesterday. I am really enjoying it! It is hard to sing the way my teacher wants me too, it is totally different than the way I'm used to singing. But I am learning and I like it a lot.
Michael is doing well in all his classes. He is so busy with school and work that it's crazy! But he's handling it all very well. I am so proud of him!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cute Videos

She is being so weird in the second one! She doesn't talk like that unless she's being silly. She usually sings better too, but I couldn't get her to:)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Geri's Birthday

Kaylee passed out in the middle of the party!

Lily took all of these

Cousins :)

Audrey and Sarah

Showing off one of Geri's presents. Kaylyn (our cousin Aaron's wife) made this cute little book! She sells them too, they are SO cute!

We had Geri's birthday party here on Thursday. Rachel, Sarah, Alise, and Audrey were here and we had some of Geri's roommates and friends over. It was fun! Sarah cooked some yummy enchiladas and I made a cake. And Geri got some COOL presents!

Pictures From the Last few Days...

Geri and Lily did each other's make up. Then we had a photo shoot:)


Michael took this picture of Lily while he was getting ready for work this morning.

She will fall asleep anywhere...

I left Kaylee's food on the table for a minute and Lily decided to feed her:)

Modeling my nursing cover. It was supposed to be a gift but it needs a few adjustments, so I'm just going to keep it. It's a little boyish, but Kaylee wont care as long as she gets to eat!!!