Sunday, August 17, 2008


I know we have a lot of carousel pictures, but it's our favorite thing to do!

This is where Kaylee and I sit when we ride on the carousel, on a bench behind Lily. She doesn't like to ride the horses. Maybe next year:)

Okay I do not let my kids drink soda... very often;) Especially not caffeine. But she was really sad and we thought this might cheer her up:)

Here's Kaylee drinking milk. MUCH healthier:)

I took this before we went to church this morning.

Well, we've had a wonderful little day today! We went to church, like we do every Sunday. Lily was very excited to go to nursery all morning and then when we got there she was shy for the first time ever! But she didn't put up a fuss about going in and it turned out to be just like any other Sunday. Lily loves nursery and she LOVES her teachers!
Some of our friends at church gave us a bunch of zucchini so we had Zucchini Alfredo for dinner and then I made Zucchini Bread. YUMMY!
Tomorrow we leave for Pennsylvania for our Howe family reunion. We are SOO excited! Our flight leaves Salt Lake at 11:45 tomorrow night and we have a four hour layover in Georgia before taking off for New York. Yikes. Not so excited about that part. But we're going to have a fun week and we can't wait!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Day With the Girls

Michael worked all day yesterday and all day today so the girls and I have been completely alone until about 7:30pm. Its hard to have him gone so long, but we still have a good time:)
For dinner we had some yummy spaghetti. The girls liked it a lot. Especially the garlic bread!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lily and her BFF Dustin

These are from a while ago but I've been meaning to put them up because they are the cutest!

Just Some Pictures

Its been such a LONG time since I put anything up! We've had a crazy, crazy few weeks! We had my family here and then Michael's family and I don't think I took one picture! Woops! Anyway, Kaylee was super sick the whole time Michael's family was here and then as soon as she was better Lily got sick! These poor girls have really been through it! They both broke out in fever blisters and it was the saddest thing ever! But they are both fine now, in fact we are going to play at the splash park in just a little bit. Anyway here are all the pictures I have of the last month!

Playing at Big 5

Rachel made this cute hat for Kaylee!

Lily. Yes, she is eating dog food out of a dog bowl. It was sitting on the counter so Kaylee wouldn't get into it. And then Lily did...

These girls love eachother so much:)

Playing the harp with Rachel