Monday, September 22, 2008

More Family Reunion

Okay, even though there are a LOT of pictures here they aren't anywhere close to the amount we took! I wish I could put them all up but not everyone would enjoy them as much as me:) We had a great time at our reunion and we miss everyone tons!!!

We were able to visit some of the Amish people while we were in PA. My Aunt Stacy is good friends with them and purchases things from them all the time. My favorite place was the Borkholder's. The baskets they make are so cool! This is their basket shop.

Kaylee wearing a little Amish bonnet

I bet you are jealous that we had our picture taken next to a giant headstone with our last name on it;)

Aunt Mindy and Skoshi  (I don't know how to spell the dog's name!)

Uncle Dan, Aunt Nancy and Grandma Howe

All of us!

The Shilligs

The PA Howes(minus Geoffrey and Sarah)

The Lotts Family (minus John, Allyssa, Tamera, and Steven)

The CA Howes (minus Zach)

Grandma and Grandpa Howe

The Martins

The Mazones without any of their kids!:(

The whole Howe Family. Jaynan, Mindy, Hollie, Grandma, Grandpa, Nancy, Dan, Steve.

The Rathfons

The Ranger:) The favorite toy of the week!

Playing Bocce Ball

Rachel and me:)

At the Pond

The two Elisabeths. Aren't they cute???

Andrew, Adia, Emma, and Lily

Michael and me with Aunt Nancy

New York

I actually didn't get to go to New York with my family. We only went to the family reunion in Pennsylvania. But they took some really cool pictures while they were there and I wanted to share. They took a TON of pictures, but these are my favorite:)

Niagra Falls. You should click on these to see the bigger pictures. They are really cool!

The Palmyra Stake Center and the Palmyra Temple

The Sacred Grove. They picked some blackberries and had a little snack:)

New York City. The first picture in this group is the Empire State Building.

Statue of Liberty. The picture with Emma is the actual size of the Statue of Liberty's face.