Thursday, March 2, 2017

Grandpa's House

A few weeks ago we took the kids to Disneyland and had a fun day full of noise, color, entertainment, food, running around, and activity. That night we drove 45 minutes north to my grandpa's house and spent the next day with him and his wife. Our day at his house was the opposite of the previous day. It was calm and quiet, slow paced, full of good, quiet conversation, and peaceful.

We picked oranges off the tree for breakfast. Cecil was kind enough to peel them for us! We watched grandpa sort through his pennies; he keeps all of the ones from 1982 and before. Lily had a ukulele lesson; I love watching them play together. The kids played games and got along happily. We spent time in his cute little backyard and Grandpa showed me the plants he has coming up in his garden; he is excited about his tulip bulbs that he brought home from New York. 

I love this place, the tree, the people, the atmosphere. Disneyland is magical, but it could never compare to the feeling of peace and love in our grandparents' home.

Michael's Dream Come True

Ever since Michael and I got married his dream has been to do construction. He envisioned building and flipping houses and having his family come to visit him at work and to help and play. It's happening and he couldn't be more thrilled!

We are very grateful for the sale of our home in Idaho (which was also a flip). The profit we made from flipping and selling that house combined with the money we had saved enabled Michael to quit his job at the hospital and work full time on this house flip. He is working hard but totally in his element and it makes me happy to see him so happy.

Matthew having a short nap. Ella had just woken up from hers.

Behind them is the kitchen. It is full of cabinets now and looks beautiful!

The kids had "way much" fun (a Matthew phrase) helping dad fill all the holes in the trim with pink putty!

Ella and I mostly took pictures and watched. I did help Michael put windows in a few days later and that was rather frightening!

 Tools=happiness in this family.

 Michael. Happy and dusty from a hard day's work.