Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some Phone Pictures

These are just some cute pictures from my phone... Michael spent his lunch break today riding the carousel with Lily at the park. She loves it SOOO much! I took Lily one more time after Michael left and Kaylee got to ride her own tiny horse. She loved it too!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Speaking of my sister, I need to start keeping "Geri Updates" on this blog. She just does so many funny things that I have to share them with you! Too many things have already happened for me to sit here and write them ALL. Before I start I just have to say that I love my sister with my whole heart and I am NOT doing this to embarrass her. If I thought she would be embarrassed I would never do it, but Geri is able to laugh at herself and I thought you might like to laugh with us:) Okay, here are a few of my favorites.
A couple of weeks ago Geri had to use the bathroom REALLY bad, she ran into the closest one and when she was finished she opened her stall and, to her horror, she saw a boy in front of her using the urinal! Yes, she had used the boys' restroom... There was another boy standing in there too. She threw her hands over her eyes and ran out exclaiming, "I'm in the wrong bathroom!" She didn't even stop to wash her hands, she stepped into the girls room, next door, and finished up.
A few weeks before that she was going down some stairs and instead of stepping down them she tumbled down them... in front of her whole class. Once she caught her balance, she fell again. I think Geri is the only person I know that can fall down a set of stairs twice in the same go. Oh my gosh, I love her!
And last, just a few nights ago she came over to see us. When she opened the door to our apartment she immediately noticed our brand new huge TV. Except we don't have one. So she walked into the WRONG apartment at like 11:00 o'clock at night! Luckily no one saw her and she was able to quietly sneak back out.
I don't know how Geri does the things she does but she makes us laugh! A LOT! I told her that I was planning to have an update in my blog just for her so hopefully this doesn't come as a surprise! I love you GERI!

A Lily

Geri wrote this poem for her English class. I thought it was so cute! I had to share it!

This little Lily is the prettiest I know
Though still quite small
How quick it still grows

This little Lily is colored slightly pink
It usually smells lovely
But can often times stink

This little Lily has two stems, not one
They take her wherever
They walk, dance, and run

This little Lily talks to me too
It talks and sings and cries
And repeats all words that are new

This little Lily is just over two years
It runs around freely
With absolutely no fears

I love this little Lily, yes every little part
This Lily is my niece
My loved one, my heart

Porter Park

The park here in Rexburg is the coolest! It has regular play equipment plus a miniature water park, PLUS a carousel! Lily loves riding the horsies and playing in the water! Oh, they also give away free lunches (to kids only) at the park every day! Like I said, it's the coolest...

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Just some random pictures from the last week or so...

With our cousins! Sarah, Geri, Audrey with her CEREAL!, Rachel and me. and of course Kaylee and Lily! We are still missing a few cousins :( WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, ALISE!?

Best Friends

Yee Haw!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have to tell you real quick what a sass Lily is. I honestly don't know where she gets it from:)
The other day I was cleaning the bathtub and she was "helping". I said, "Lily, will you please go play with Kaylee?" and her reply was "um, probably not." I didn't think I heard her right! So I asked her another question and it was the same thing! "Probably not." Oh my heck! That was her answer for the rest of the day if she didn't want to do something. At bedtime Michael said "Lily, are you ready for bed?" and she said, "probably not". She says "probably" like "pwo-bal-lee". It is super funny.
She is really sweet too though! She picked up a cupcake from the table yesterday and cupped it in both of her hands. She looked at it very lovingly and she affectionately said, "I love this cupcake." It was so funny. She cracks us up every day! We are so lucky that we get to be her parents!


I am going to apologize right now. I am very, very sorry that we forgot our camera and weren't able to take any pictures. I always used to carry it in my diaper bag and I cross my heart that I will from now on!
Anyway, we went to the Circus last night and it was SUPER fun! Before it started they had miniature horse rides and elephant rides. Michael took Lily to ride the horses and she was SO cute. She was a little scared at first and only looked down. Then she liked it more and she looked around and very softly said, "yee-haw". I could only see her from a distance because I stayed in the stands with Kaylee. Micahel brought her back up and she kept asking to ride the elephant. I took her down to look at it. I didn't think she would want to ride it once she saw it up close. But she asked again and again. So I took her up the steps and we rode it together. I was a little less than terrified! We were sitting right on its butt and I could feel its hips moving up and down. My heart was pounding beacuse I was sure it was going to go crazy and start leaping around and throw us all off! I was relieved when the ride was over, but Lily loved it! She wanted to go again!
Our favorite part of the show was the elephants! They were so cute! They danced and stood on stools and they balanced on their front two feet with their back feet clear up in the air! They are amazing animals. It was very impressive and tons of fun! I can't wait to go again!

Standing Girl!

Kaylee has just started letting go for a few seconds every time she pulls herself up! It is so exciting! We thought it would be fun to take some standing pictures. Michael is just off to the side in these. He let go right before I took the pictures, but she is standing by herself! I am so excited for her to start walking!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Long Lost Friends!

So when I was like 8 we lived in Sylmar and I had a huge crush on a little boy in our ward named Brandon Packer. We were friends and got to play together a lot because our dads played softball together and I remember them coming to our house sometimes and stuff like that. We moved to Independence when I was nine and they moved out of Sylmar ward a little after we did... I think. Even though they didn't move that far I never saw my friend again! I have always wondered about him and how he was doing and if I'd ever see him again. Anyways! When Geri started this semester she met him in her Voice class! It was very exciting:) She brought him over last week and it was really fun to visit and catch up! He looks exactly the same as he did when we were little. I would recognize him anywhere! I'm glad we're friends again, Brandon!

Sleepy Girls

I just think this picture is cute

Monday, June 2, 2008

Yee Haw

Just as I was finishing posting the last two I looked at the girls and Lily was sitting on Kaylee saying "I'm a cowboy, yee haw!" she was also holding onto the straps of Kaylee's outfit and whinnying like a horse!


Okay, so I've been wanting very badly to go play raquetball! Geri and I went a few days ago and we rented all our equipment, walked down to the courts, put on our goggles, and realized we didn't have a ball! We didn't have long to play anyway because we had just finished working out. So we just returned everything and went home! We are definitely two of a kind! So today Michael and I went. We thought we could buy balls from a vending machine at the Hart building, but it turns out they don't have one anymore! Michael asked some guys if we could borrow one of theirs. We had so much fun! Of course Michael beat me:) But we had fun together. Rachel watched our girls today. It was so nice to have a break! Thanks Rach!

Ello Luv

Here are some of this week's pictures. I have more on Geri's camera but I have to find the charger and charge it a little before I can put pictures up.

We gave Kaylee the rest of Lily's pudding cup. She liiiiiiiked it!