Friday, February 22, 2008

The last picture is just for you Melissa! You see, I don't have any pictures of myself because... well... I'm the one that takes the pictures! Anyway, Kaylee's mouth is still a little purple from the gentian violet. And I love this picture if Lily. I don't know why... If you look closely you can see that her finger nails and toe nails are painted! I got some pretty nail polish as a party favor at a bridal shower I went to a few days ago. Lily and I had fun with it, we even painted Kaylee's tiny toes!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My brother can fly...

Apparently this is what Zach is doing in Argentina. This is the coolest picture I've ever seen, I HAD to post it! I miss him a ton!
Today has been rough! Michael is gone in classes all day until 9:45pm. I MISS him when he's not here:( Kaylee is making me crazy. I feel like putting an ad up for a free six month old baby girl! Not really, I love her TOO much:) Lily has been good today, but she's always good. Someday Kaylee will be good too...

Monday, February 18, 2008

a little more...

Okay here are a few more pictures of my girlies. Oh, and a video of Zach and Michael from over a year ago... there is no sound because my camera doesn't record sound! I figured that out too late. But the video is really funny, see what we do with extra time in our family? Anyway, I was busy doing something the other day and I heard Lily saying "I hide, I hide, mommy!" So I went to find her and she was sitting in the dryer! Silly girl! The girls love each other so much! It is so wonderful to see them interact and play together! I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such a wonderful little family! We just set up Lily's new Disney Princess bed that she got for an early birthday present from her Grandma and Grandpa Floyd. She has been jumping on it and playing on it. And then just a minute ago she knelt down beside it and said her prayers all the way through! It was precious! Who would have ever thought we could be so blessed! We are so grateful for our beautiful girls!

Its been a while...

Wow! We can finally put some pictures up! Yay! Michael's parents sent us a computer to use for a while (thank you!). Now we can update our blog regularly! The first pic is Michael and our sleeping girls on our fabulous new couch!
The next picture is Lily dancing to the music on my iPod. We taped the earphones to her ears and stuck the ipod in the side of her diaper! She danced all around the living room, it was hilarious!
Then there's sleeping Lily. Yes, my daughter is an angel! I love her sleeping poses! She has lots of pretty sleeping positions. She is a real life Sleeping Beauty!
And last there's poor purple mouthed Kaylee! She keeps getting thrush and we have to "paint" her mouth with gentian violet.
I'm going to post a few more pictures and then we are going to bed!