Friday, January 18, 2008

Still NO Pictures!

This stinks not being able to put pictures up! Well Lily has been SUPER good about taking her naps the last week! I lay her in bed and tell her it's nap time and walk out. When I go into check on her she's sleeping soundly with the blanket pulled over her head! It has been wonderful! Today has been a different story though. . . Her daddy came home for his lunch break and disrupted the routine. There have been a few tears but I think she is ready to settle down!
Kaylee is a joy! She rolls all over the place all the time! And she is getting really good at scooting! She is about ready to start sitting up too! She is so cute when she's happy! We love her!
We got a couch!!! Its the first piece of furniture we've ever bought! All of our other things have been handed down -and we are VERY grateful to everyone who has helped us out:) We got our couch at DI for 45 dollars (maybe it doesn't count as not being handed down - i dunno!) I don't know how to describe it. Its cute in an ugly kind of way:) Its tweed and it has black, red, orange and white stripes. I love it! Its actually a loveseat but its perfect for our tiny apartment! Sometimes it's fun being poor:)
Michael is working really hard! His job is full time and he is out in the cold all day! But he likes his job a lot, so he doesn't complain! With that and the 11 credits he's taking I feel like I never see him! We're okay though. Everything is going to work out and I'm not worried even a little!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Can't wait to see pictures! You guys are the cutest family ever! Chuck says Hi too! Love you!