Friday, August 7, 2009

A Month's Worth of Pictures

I have been so totally slacking as far as my blog goes. But, hey, its summer and we're busy doing summer things. We spend our days at the Splash Park and on the Carrousel. We love that the lunch truck comes and distributes free lunches at the park. We take out blanket and have a picnic every day! So that is my excuse for not blogging. However, I DO have adventures to blog about. . .
The pictures start with the earliest and go to the most recent. The girls and I took a trip to Texas to visit Michael's family. Then Jan and Erica came home with us. It was so fun to play with cousins and to visit!

You know I love sleeping pictures!!! :)

We were watching a movie one night and Kaylee was doing her own thing, playing with her Elmo. I looked at her and she was standing on the box fan,just holding Elmo's hand. It was funny:)

I don't remember exactly what happened but I'm pretty sure Lily was crying on the potty. Kaylee put her arms around her and said, "Its okay Lily."

Her Grandpa is the best!

First pic in Texas of the kids "helping"

This is the most time they spent close to each other without fighting!

Best Friends!

Cute Caleb

The kids with their new Build-a-Bears.

Here is Lily crying and using her undies to wipe her tears.

We got pedicures! Jans are the red, Jamies are the purple, and mine are the green!

The Floyd Grandchildren

Grandma and Grandma with their grandbabies

Braden and Riley

Jamie with her nieces

Mike, B, and Caleb

The boys

Lily with her new Uncle Mike

On the airplane

Back in Idaho, at the Pioneer Day Parade

Erica and me

Riley rolled all the way under the bed! She doesn't look like it, but she was really upset!

Silly girls


  1. Love the pictures of the girls and the family. Its so great. Glad you have fun in Texas.

  2. fun, looks like a lively bunch keeping parents and grandparents busy.