Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Day Just Like Today

On Friday we went for a walk to the school to see if we could find our daddy. We found him AND Uncle Zach! Lily had fun riding down the side walk. Michael would let her go and Zach and Kaylee would catch her. They did it over and over, it was soooo fun!
Judging by the way the trees and the bushes look, you might think its still wintery here. But its been super nice lately and the gross naked trees are beginning to sprout little green leaves. 

We went grocery shopping the other day and LUCKILY I had my camera with me. We got to watch some cool Hawaiian dances in the middle of the store!

I made these pajamas in my sewing class. I made them for Riley but she was swimming in them; lucky for Kaylee, they fit her perfectly! I am wishing I had chosen a different zipper. ohhh well. Kaylee adores them;)

I made these cute crocheted baby shoes for a baby shower. This is my favorite pattern ever. Seriously! Its so easy and they whip right up!

Here's my beautiful, beautiful sister. Doesn't she look happy? Its because she's in LOVE:)


  1. Those little baby booties look so cute! i love your family! your all so cute!

  2. Sounds fun! I totally am going to try out the shoe pattern!

  3. I love the jammies Katie! And the little girl that is in them. You are so talented. where did you get all your creativity anyways?

  4. glad spring is coming to idaho. st. george is trying to jump into summer temps in high 80s!

  5. love the pictures! the pjs are so cute!