Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Car Trouble

I have been promising Lily that I would teach her how to knit. Tonight she asked if we could go to the store in the morning to find some knitting needles. Michael and I told her that we can't go tomorrow because our car is not working and Kaylee suggested we "just buy a new one". So we asked the girls how much they thought a new car would cost. Kaylee's guess was 5 dollars and Lily's guess was 10. Michael told Lily that a new car would cost more like 10,000 dollars. She let out a shriek and exclaimed, "Oh my goodness! Whatever shall we do??! We don't have that kind of money!!!"

Lily, you have never been more correct;)


  1. Haha!Oh my gosh! That is too funny!

  2. Oh my heck!!! I just love Lily more and more all the time!!! That is so hilarious!!!!

  3. lol We need to come over and play!