Tuesday, December 6, 2011

some wedding photos

Rachel's wedding day was lovely. The ceremony was beautiful. The bride was stunning. The groom was handsome as can be. How I love my cousin Rachel. I'm so happy and excited that she's a big married girl now!

Here are some pictures from outside the temple. I wish I had stayed longer and taken more. dang it.

ps. these pictures are all film. i wanted to get some use out of my (mom's) old Minolta.

the sun flare made me mad that day. i could not keep it out of my photos!
I still think this one is good though because look how pretty my sister is:):):)

more dang sun flare but Geri looks like a celebrity!

 Aunt Roxanne and 2 of her SIX girls (jessica and savannah)
I am trying to be just like her. In case you can't tell.

 omgeeeeosh. cutest makenzie!

 The couple on the left are my Grandma and Grandpa Howe. Aren't they cute?? It seems like we only ever see them when someone gets married.

 Uncle Dan, Daniel, Geoffrey

 Kaylee looking for Rachel
(yeah, these pics are way out of order)

 Zach and Aunt Nancy

The beautiful couple; Tabor and Rachel

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