Saturday, June 23, 2012

seven months

I realize she is closer to eight months now, but these pictures were taken when she 7 months and 11 days:)

I love this baby more than anyone could even imagine. She is such a big girl! 

Some stuff about Mallory:
  • She started crawling exclusively about 2.5 weeks ago. For about a month before that she would half crawl half scoot. Now she's a crawling pro. 
  • She pulls her self up to a standing position every time she gets a chance.
  • Now that she is mobile I have to keep a better eye on her. Sometimes she "disappears" and I usually find her in the bathroom. She is obsessed with those little caps that cover the screws on the bottom of the toilet. It's really gross. (Don't worry, Mom. I keep the bathroom door shut all the time now. Also, I clean the bottom of the toilet and the surrounding area meticulously)
  • She LOVES her sisters and they love her. There is nothing more precious than watching your children interact and treat each other with kindness. I'm so lucky that my girls love each other so much. I pray every day that they will always be the very best friends!

I love this little girl. I love her sisters. I love their daddy. 
I love being a mom.


  1. Katie, You are an adorable mom. Thanks for the very cute update on Mallory. I loved it. Love, Aunt Stacey

  2. Oh I'm so relieved Katie! Hahaa.......I love your kids and I love you!!!!And I love your Blog!!!