Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I haven't been doing a very good  job recording the funny things I hear my kids say. It's not very much, but here's the latest.

{Riley: "Mom, I see your beddy button.
Me: "You do?! What does it look like??"
Riley: "A snow cone!"}

{Riley: "Mom, your breath has stink in it."
Me: "eeew! What does it smell like?"
Riley: "Salad milk!!"}

{Riley: "Mom, when we go to Grandma's can I bring my Mister... Tiny... Tiny..... Little.. Little............ Teddy?"}

{Lily in the car: "ugh. It's soooo hot in here! I can't even smell."}

{Michael as he was going to bed: "Lily, will you please shut the door all the way?"
Lily (in her sweetest and most concerned voice): "Are you sure you're not afraid of the real dark?"}

{Kaylee (before getting in bed): "Wait. Mom. First I want to teach my ninja moves. Because, did you know? I was born to be a ninja."
Lily: "Well, I was born to be a spy! Hiyaaa!" (complete with a leg kick)
Riley: "Well I-eeee was born to be a princess."}

{Lily was renaming her nail polish colors. Here are my favorites:

Strawberry Shortcake's Bluest Sleepover Night
Orange Blossom's Oranges
Rapunzel's Sparkling Night at Her House on Her Birthday
Hello Kitty Accidentally Put Fingernail Polish on Her Lips Red}


  1. My favorite is Hello Kitty's nail polish! Hilarious!

  2. Haha! That was so funny! Cute girls:)

  3. It"s Shalyce by the way…not Keith:)

  4. oh my goodness I just died laughing. What a dream to have such cute little girls!