Friday, August 9, 2013

more of the Foster/Howe wedding

For their 2 week anniversary I thought I'd post some random pictures from Zach and Rachel's special wedding day.

 Our family. Even Andrew! Too bad he was was only a cardboard cutout.

 Zach and Rachel with Grandma and Grandpa Howe.

With Grandpa Christensen and the always lovely Cecil.

Michael with half of our children.

 My mom and her bff Jackie made the centerpieces for the luncheon that we had at the  Joseph Smith Memorial building.

A view of the Wasatch Room before the luncheon began.

 My Dad, very pleased that he can lift his 190 lb son with one hand.

 The Salt Lake Temple

 This is the dessert that was served at the luncheon. Chocolate Satin Pie with Oreo crust. Oh MAN it was delicious. I have been dreaming about it.

 My Aunt Stacey and Uncle Dan with their cute granddaghter, Ellie.

 The wedding cake

My cute Howe grandparents.


  1. one of my favorite places. I was married to your uncle Bert Allen Floyd in that temple 20 years ago June 12th...

    1. that's wonderful! We love the Salt Lake Temple:)