Friday, November 1, 2013

My Neighbor Showed Me a Spider!!!

Remember my account about my Grouchy Neighbor?? I never blogged about it again but since there is a new addition to the story and our relationship is beginning to unfold (I'm joking. Half- joking) I thought I'd fill you in...

After our encounter I started to feel a little guilty. I don't feel like I did very much wrong and I still felt like he was grouchy but I couldn't help but feel sad that our first conversation went so poorly. I like people and I want to have good relationships with everyone. I would never want to be grouchy and stinky-eyed with anyone; especially not a next-door neighbor! So, I wrote him a letter. It was a nice letter; a VERY nice letter. In fact, I showed it to my grandpa (who happens to be the kindest person I know) and even he said it was nicer than what he would have written. I don't remember it much anymore, but in it I introduced our family and told him a little bit about us. I apologized for our unfortunate conversation and told him that I am not prone to arguing although I do feel that it's important to stand up for myself and my family. I said some other things and told him I hoped we could be friends. I didn't expect a response and I didn't get one (although his wife gave us a huge sack of corn and some delicious tomatoes from their garden!). It was okay that he didn't respond. I was at peace with myself and I made sure to keep being a good neighbor and I waved and smiled and greeted him every time I saw him. And he greeted me back in his own way:)

Last week I ran out to my car to grab my diaper bag. I saw him outside and said 'Hello' and then I noticed that he seemed to hesitate like maybe he wanted to say something. I grabbed my stuff and headed back to the house when I heard him say, "My granddaughter won't have anything to do with this!" I whipped around, thrilled that he said something, anything, to me!

He was holding a jar in his hand.

"What is it??" I asked.

He held it up and showed me a DISGUSTING spider that he had captured and told me it was a cat face spider. Of course I shrieked a little (I hate spiders). I asked about his granddaughter and he spoke a few more sentences about her and about spiders and that was pretty much the end of our conversation. We wished each other a nice day and went our separate ways. and I. Was. Ecstatic.

I ran in the house and told Michael all about my 2nd conversation with our neighbor. And we high-fived and smiled at each other and it was really cool. Then I called my mom. Then I called my grandpa. Then I went out on my front porch and shouted to the world that my neighbor had shown me a spider.

Okay, seriously. I think that was a big step for him. I don't know him AT ALL but I imagine that he may be a little shy. Maybe he's uncomfortable around people. And I see his little spider conversation as kind of a big deal. It meant something to me and I am so happy. Maybe I'll make him the yummy looking pumpkin pound cake recipe I found on Pinterest.

Cat-Faced Spider - Araneus gemmoides - female

And here is a picture of a cat face spider in case you were wondering what it looked like. eeew. I am shuddering right now.

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