Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day One (and hopefully not the last)

...of being a better blogger.
I need to be better at journaling my life. I have my blog, 2 personal journals (one that I call my "church" journal; I use it as I study my scriptures and to write thoughts that come to me during church. The other one is just a regular old journal), and 1 journal for each of my 5 children. Oh, and I just bought thankful journals for Michael and myself to present to him on our anniversary. The plan is to each write 3 things we are thankful for every night until the journals are full and then (hopefully!) we'll get new ones. So altogether that equals 9 journals that I should be updating. And it's so overwhelming that I update 0 of them. Just kidding. I am pretty good with my regular journal and on and off with my scripture journal. I'll let you be the judge of how I'm doing with my blog journal.
Today I slept a lot. This time change is messing with my family. My kids were up at 4:30am and I was up with them. I supervised them as the played, made them clean their room and then sent them off to school. At 9:30 Matthew and I went back to bed and Sweet Husband Michael stayed home with Riley and Mallory while I slept until almost noon. I feel soooo much better. At the moment Kaylee is playing 50 questions about the items I have in the refrigerator.

"What is this?"
"Why did you buy it?
"What do you put it in?"
"Why did you buy it if you don't know what you put it in?"

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  1. I love that sweet Kaylee girl! I need to be better about my blog too. In fact, I am about to go work on it right now :)