Saturday, January 23, 2016


It was Matthew's idea. We couldn't understand the request he was making at first, but fortunately for him, Mallory translated. When I learned that he wanted to fill the giant toy bucket with water I didn't even consider granting his request. But then I thought...

why not?

Sometimes the simplest and silliest things bring the most joy. These 3 thought it was the best time ever. I did too. If only I could have squished in with them.


  1. Haha they're so cute. I love that you paused and thought why not. We should have more why not moments in our lives.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Rachel:) I find myself saying "no" from time to time and then thinking, "wait, why am I saying no? What's wrong with saying yes right now?". And then when I do change my mind, we end up having a lot of fun:)