Thursday, March 3, 2016

Death Valley Part II

We went to visit the Natural Bridge and it didn't disappoint! We didn't end up getting any pictures of the actual bridge. Well, not any good ones... But we made up for it with cute pictures of our family on our hike/walk up to the bridge and back. The walk was shady, breezy, and just perfect. The kids climbed rocks and hills and found cute little caves to climb inside of. It was such a fun little hike and perfect for our little kids!

 There's the bridge! (and a cute family)

(Thanks for the last 4 pictures, Rachel! and Kind Stranger who took our family photo.)

 "Yook, Mom! I uh cool gulll!"
("Look, Mom! I'm a cool girl!")

We ran into more beautiful wildflowers (and Kaylee nearly sneezed her nose off her face).

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