Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lily's Birthday

Here are some cute pictures of Kaylee AND of Lily's birthday presents! In case you are wondering, Lily is not ridiculously spoiled. I will explain... The last picture is Geri holding my broken bowl. She was making Lily's cake and I don't know if she thinks she's the Incredible Hulk or what but she stirred a huge hole right through it!
Okay about Lily's presents. Rachel and Sarah walked in the door with grocery sacks full of wrapped up pink presents. I laughed and laughed because I knew right then that she was going to be getting some pretty special gifts:) They were wrapped horrendously (they didn't have any scissors) It was so funny! Let me list them for you: Spongebob fruit snacks, Dora crackers, a package of Twizzlers nibs AND a package of twizzler bites, a gallon of milk (since they know we love milk so much), a single package of Ritz crackers, two scratcher tickets (she won four dollars!), a cute Diego blanket (they said that was her real present), a little Dora kite, a box of Cheerios... am I forgetting anything? She got lots of goodies. It was hilarious. I have the best, coolest cousins:)
We got Lily crayons and two coloring books and some really cute Cinderella slippers. I also made her a tutu that matches her slippers. She loves to dress up! She also got lots of cute gifts in the mail from her Floyd grandparents and her Howe grandparents. She is one loved little girl!

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