Friday, March 28, 2008


On the way to the beach

The houses I wish I lived in!

Me, Emma, Lily, and Kaylee with a nice trash can next to us!

Before she fell in the water:)

Emma playing...

Emma and Lily

Annie, Chelsea, and Kaylee

Cutest girl EVER!

Emma and Lily digging

Floyd's Barbershop in Santa Monica

We have been in California for the last week! Michael thought that me and the girls should come visit for a few weeks before this semester ends and the next one starts. He called my mom and made plans to meet her and everything! We're going to ride back up to Idaho with my mom and grandpa in a couple of weeks. Anyway, we spent Easter with my family last weekend and this whole week we've been in Sylmar with my grandpa. It's just been me and Emma and the girls.
We went to Andrew's baseball game in Lancaster on Tuesday and today we went to Santa Monica to the beach. It was so fun! It's a little too cold to swim but the weather was perfect! Lily went for a little swim though, she fell in the water almost as soon as we got to it. It was really funny! Lily loves the beach. She ran straight for the water any time she got the chance! Hopefully next time it will be warm enough to actually swim!

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  1. Aww how fun! Lily's hair is getting longer and lighter. She is going to be so precious when she gets dating age ;) It was good to see you and the girls!