Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our last few days in Cali... (another LONG one!)

Big Girl Kaylee! Standing all by herself!

Joelle after her root canal! She couldn't move that whole side of her face! It was hilarious! She's gonna kill me for posting this...


Emma being YUCKY!!!

Bath time!!! This is my new favorite time of the day! Kaylee is finally at the age where I don't have to have my hands on her every second that she's in the tub; it is SO nice to just sit and watch them play. I don't have any pictures yet, but Lily's new favorite thing is to hold her breath and put her face under the water. Emma taught her how at the hotel pool last week. It's funny.

Kaylee and Grandpa

Playing at Dehy park... The girls both LOVED the park, Kaylee had so much fun swinging! These pictures are a little out of order. The last one I took was the one of Lily by the creek. As soon as I took the picture she lost her balance and rolled right into it! It was really funny but it ended our day at the park:)

Playing at the school playground. Joelle stayed with us for a few days, it was so fun to be with her!

Having fun on the trampoline!

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