Saturday, April 5, 2008

Longest Post Ever!

Okay, these pictures start from about a week ago and end with today. I know there are a lot but we're having so much fun! We miss Michael a lot though! Lily loves talking to her daddy on the phone, she misses him:(

Andrew's birthday! We wanted to surprise him but we didn't have time to get real balloons. Katy, Emma, and I drew them on paper and taped ribbon to them and taped them to the ceiling. It was awesome!!! We also made him a ghetto Sweet 16 banner. The decorations were perfect for an impromptu 11:30 PM birthday party!


Lily curled into a little ball in Kaylee's car seat and fell asleep during sacrament meeting last week. She is so funny!

Emma and Lily thought it would be fun to put stickers all over Kaylee's face, I don't know how much fun she had though...

My new favorite picture of Lily. I can't remember why she's pouting...

My precious baby girl! With some super cool hair!

Playing in the front yard with Emma

Playing on the "Bouncy", Lily's favorite thing to do!

This is a terrible picture of me but Lily looks so cute!!!

Going to see the bunnies

Playing with the bunnies on the back porch.

Lily being silly

Andrew busted his little head rough housing at school. It doesn't look too bad in this picture but he needed 5 stitches!

I took Lily to the park yesterday. She had lots of fun swinging and climbing and going down the slide all by herself! None of the pictures I took turned out very good, but it was still so fun!

Hangin with Uncle Andrew.

Lily and Grandpa taking Conference notes:)

Kaylee pulled herself up to standing for the very first time today!!!

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  1. The girls are so darn cute. I can't believe how much Kaylee has changed since December. I hope we get to come see you guys this summer after the baby is born. I miss you guys.