Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Some Pictures

Its been such a LONG time since I put anything up! We've had a crazy, crazy few weeks! We had my family here and then Michael's family and I don't think I took one picture! Woops! Anyway, Kaylee was super sick the whole time Michael's family was here and then as soon as she was better Lily got sick! These poor girls have really been through it! They both broke out in fever blisters and it was the saddest thing ever! But they are both fine now, in fact we are going to play at the splash park in just a little bit. Anyway here are all the pictures I have of the last month!

Playing at Big 5

Rachel made this cute hat for Kaylee!

Lily. Yes, she is eating dog food out of a dog bowl. It was sitting on the counter so Kaylee wouldn't get into it. And then Lily did...

These girls love eachother so much:)

Playing the harp with Rachel


  1. hi thanks for commenting on my blog. i love your photos of your girls...but can't read the white colored posts...

  2. i think its really funny that lily was eating dog food!!