Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We are in California! It was totally unexpected and we made the decision to leave last Thursday night and left the next morning. So here we are! We are going to be here at my Grandpa's for about the next four weeks. Michael will be making some repairs to his house and when he's done we'll head back to Idaho. We are so happy to be here! We love being with our Grandpa Christensen! He is already Lily's best friend again:)

Kaylee wanted these goggles on while we were at Clark and Amy's. I put them on her and she left them for like ten minutes! It was so funny!

Grandpa stopped the ice cream truck yesterday so the girls could have a treat. It was YUMMY! They even switched! What sharing girls:)


  1. I'm just popping in from SITS and wanted to say Hi! I can't tell you how jealous I am that you are in Cali right now...I am from there and totally could use a visit to the beach right now! Have a fun trip.

  2. I love the goggles pic it is so dang cute. I am so glad that your girls are sharing girls what a blessing. Love ya xoxo