Monday, September 1, 2008

Family Reunion

We had our Howe Family Reunion in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. It was so much fun! I love my family so much and it was so nice to spend a week with everyone. My dad and all his siblings were able to come and MOST of our cousins were there. There were 9 cousins who couldn't make it so it was sad not to have everyone. Some of my dad's cousins were also there with their families. All together we had over 60 people gathered together for our little reunion. It was a blast! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and I am so grateful for the friendships we share! I love you all so much!!!

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  1. Im so glad you were able to go to your family reunion in Pennsylvania. Its so great to be able to have family you can play with and laugh with and share memories with. Im glad Kaylee's birthday card got to her. (I know Michaels is coming up soon but I dont remember the date...) Thanks for always commenting on my blog. Im glad someone reads it :) Love you and your family. Cant wait to see you guys again. (Im 30 weeks today-- only ten more to go!!!)