Friday, October 31, 2008


Here are ALL our Halloween pictures. They were all so cute that I couldn't just choose a few. I had to post them all! Can you tell that I am the picture taker in our family? Actually, Michael did take  a few, but I couldn't post the ones he took of me.  They were not cute:)

This is not a Halloween picture, obviously. I took it a few days ago and couldn't leave it out!

Michael brought home pumpkins for us to carve the other day. I took this picture during the 5 seconds that the girls were actually interested.

Oh look! I do exist! Barely! I look like a ghost. We tried to have Lily take one of us but it didn't work out very well...

All the Pumpkin Pictures were taken a few days ago. Now on to the Halloween pics!

Kaylee was a wingless fairy. By time I was finished with everything else I didn't have time to make her wings:(

Lily was a "fairy like Tinker Bell" (her exact words)


Aren't they the cutest fairies you've ever seen?!

On the way to the Trunk of Treat.  That bow looks HUGE! I swear its not that big in real life!

Missy and Kaylee. Missy was the cutest pregnant Bumble Bee I've ever seen!

The costume parade. Lily danced all the way through it!

Our cute little pumpkin patch!

And the best part about their costumes? They cost me a total of about $10 to make! I would have liked to embellish Lily's wings a little but I didn't have the time or the supplies. They weren't the cutest because they were the very first pair I've ever made (except for the ones my dad helped me with in high school. Remember that, Dad?) Anyway, we had so much fun today that we can't wait until next Halloween!


  1. Your girls are so cute! Now I am tagging you. Go to my blog to find out more.

    Oh, by the way this is your husbands cousin Katherine.

  2. cute little fairies. I missed something by not having any girls, only had 4 sons.

  3. you made those adorable costumes! go katy--what a good little mommy:) They looked like the sweetest little fairies!

  4. Just stopping by from SITS. That picture of the girls hugging is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love the tutus! Did you make them?

  5. Lilly's hair is awesome!!! How did you do that. You are so talented amazing.