Saturday, November 22, 2008


My dad took the girls and I up to Idaho for a super quick trip so I could have my prenatal check-up and so the girls could have their check-ups.  It was SO nice to be home for a day and a half.  I miss Rexburg!
We had a lot of little surprises when we got home! Grandma Floyd had sent the girls some things for Kaylee's birthday back in August. Lily was determined to open the wagon that she sent. She literally picked the box apart until Geri helped her with the rest of it. Then Grandpa and Rachel helped put it together.  And then they took the girls out for a ride:)
My dad took us and Geri and our cousins out to dinner the night after we got there. It was so fun! I miss being with my cousins and my sis every day!

A pretty rainbow that we got to drive through on the way up:)

All done! You can tell its late at night because of how terrible Lily's hair looks!  I promise it was cute all day!

Miriam and Rachel taking the girls for a midnight ride.

Thanks for the wagon, Grandma!

On our way to the park in our new wagon! It was so cold!

Dinner at Craigos

This picture cracks me up:)

My dad and Alise

Miriam and me

Alise, Geri, and Miriam. Rachel was at work so she couldn't be with us:(

She is saying "rawr" because there are ears on top of the sweater. I tried to get a good picture of both of them, but it was too hard!

Showing off their new sweaters from Grandma.

These two aren't from Idaho, but they're cute:)
I sat and put curlers in her hair, when I was done she got her doll and sat up on the couch to do her hair:) Oh, and I would have taken a pic of Lily's curly hair but it was SOO not what I expected. I need to wait a few months for her hair to get longer and then try again.


  1. SUCH CUTE PICTURES! I love the one of Kaylee wearing a brown hat! Did you make that?

  2. Great pics! Your kids are such cheesers.