Friday, June 26, 2009

My Birthday. and other stuff.

Okay here are some pix of my bday yesterday. Geri and Rachel were really nice and made dinner and bought me a SWEET Unicorn cake. But first I have to show you the change I made in my life. I. cut. my. hair. I can't believe I did it. One morning, I decided I wanted to cut it, so I called and made an appointment and two hours later it was gone. It was long, but it only looked nice about once every six weeks. Plus it was always getting pulled, plus I was sick of pulling it in a pony tail and looking frumpy. Now that its short I will be forced to fix it every day. Which is a good thing:) ANYway, BEFORE:

I think I like it. I kind of wish it had more of an angle. Next time I get it cut I will make sure it does.
On to my birthday:

Katy and Michael

Audrey, Zach and Kaylee

Rachel and Riley

Cute baby girl

Just so you know, there were 21 candles plus the 2 = 23.


Me and Geri and Kaylee. Geri was so nice, she got me some new make-up because the girls ruined all of mine a few weeks ago and I was too frugal to buy more. She also got me some super cute fingernail polish. I have the BEST sister!

Helping me open the presents from Geri. She wrapped them all in newspaper.

Lily was super excited about the present that she, Kaylee and Michael got me. They helped me open it. It was wrapped in a pillow case.

My freakin' awesome cake! haha! They chose the most special one they could find!


  1. I love your hair! I just did the same thing to mine about 2 weeks ago! I am so glad I did. NO more pony tails for me either!

  2. Katie! I LOVE your hair! And those pictures! Oh, and the cake! HAHA! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. I love your haircut Katie! I also love all of the pictures that you've put up. They are all so cute!