Monday, June 29, 2009


Oh my goodness these pictures are annoyingly out of order. The Tautphaus Park Zoo pic was supposed to be first! ooohhhh well! We took the girls to the tiny little zoo in Idaho Falls yesterday for Family Home Day, Michael had way to much homework yesterday evening so we had our FHE at the Zoo in the morning. It was so fun to see all the animals. Some of the pictures were taken through glass so the quality is not that great.

These two don't have anything to do with the park, but they're cute:)


  1. That looked so fun! I love the zoo. Was that in Idaho Falls? Your family is so cute. By the way those lions look huge. That is amazing.

  2. How fun!!! I never got to go to the IF zoo, but always meant to go! The girls are looking so cute (not to mention how big Riley is already!) And I LOVE your haircut! i'm facing the same problem right now with it being too too long and always in a pony tail or looking shaggy! haha Maybe i'll get your guts and go cut it off!

  3. OH my heck Katie my nieces are so dang cute! You and Michael did such a good job! I can not wait to see them!