Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Do Gucks Eat Gog Food?"

These are pictures of the "Guck Pond" When I told Lily we were going to feed the ducks at the duck pond she asked me if, "Gucks eat gog food?" I love their funny little words. And its actually kind of sad when they learn the right words. For example, Lily was counting the other day and she said, "one, two, free... I mean, th-reeee..." and it shot a tiny little pain through my heart. So they can call ducks and dogs "Gucks and gogs" for as long as they want. Okay, maybe not...

Anyway! We went to the park with our friend Heather. She's super cool and we love her. Here are some pics...

Kaylee chasing the ducks, this is probably the best part. We went the week before this and Taylor (Heather's husband) chased the ducks around and tried to catch one for the girls. Its funny to see them all scurry away.

Heather and Kaylee feeding the duckies. These things are NOT shy. We have to guard the girls or the ducks will rip the bread crumbs right out of their hands!

Lily feeding the ducklings, Aren't they cuuute???!

Cute little ducklings
We had a lots of fun that day.. We also got to hang out at Heather's, she fed us Macaroni and Cheese (our fav) and let the girls try on all her cute shoes.

Here are some EXTRAS. I just thought I'd toss them in:)

Crazy Woman Driver.

Two of the cutest girls in the world.


  1. I ♥ your girls! What cuties! Looks like lots of fun at the Guck Pond

  2. Katie! I love your girls so much! I love looking at pictures of them! Especially the ones of Lily and Kaylee with they're arms around eachother. I miss you guys too! When are you going home next? I want to see you guys!

  3. Those pictures are sooooo cute!

    stopping by from SITS

  4. I loved the guck pond. Too bad it is too cold now. I need to get you the pictures from my camera too. Your girls are so dang cute!!