Monday, October 5, 2009

Flower Tutorial

Okay being that this is my very first tutorial, you will have to (please) bear with me!! You will need some coordinating (or not) fabric scraps, needle, thread, hot glue and a button cover set, (sorry I don't have a pic!! Its kind of like this one, but I got mine in the craft section at wal-mart.) I think thats it...

Okay step 1: find some scraps, cut one about 1.5 inches x 12 inches. Cut the other 1 inch x 12 inches.

Layer the 1x12 on top of the 1.5x12, lining the bottom sides up.
Using your needle and thread, sew a running stitch along the entire bottom edge.

Bunch the fabric all up

Make sure your flower is as bunched up as you want it. Being careful not to let the thread slack, hold the two short sides right sides together and sew together using a backstitch.

Lay it down and admire your work so far:)

Cover a button and glue it to the center.

Cut out a circular piece of felt and glue it onto the back.

Attach an alligator clip, hair pin, brooch, etc... I used an alligator clip, its lined with cabinet lining to give the clip a no-slip grip.

See? Piece o' cake!! Clip it on to your precious girlie's head and take pride in your craftiness.
I'm happy to answer any questions! OH, and let me know if I missed a step:)!! Not feeling too crafty?? You can find one for sale in my Etsy shop!! Have a greeeat day!!


  1. How cute Katie! You are so talented! I miss and love you guys:)

  2. Great tutorial! I might have to make one of those for my little one!
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  3. TOTALLY CUTE!!! I cant wait to have little girls so I can make it for their hair!!

  4. Great Idea for a blog post. I wish my daughter would wear lovely hair pieces...not as an infant and not as a 7 year-old

  5. adorable!!

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