Monday, February 1, 2010

Catching Up

I haven't been able to get the pictures off my camera for months!! Finally!!

These pictures start in November at my Grandpa's wedding. It was such a happy day, and you gotta love the beautiful California weather. It's hard to believe that it was NOVEMBER!

My Grandpa and me:)

Cousins: Andrew, Tyler, Taft, Nolan

My mom, me, my Aunt Amy

The ceremony, that's my dad in the middle. He married them, obviously;)

The Newlyweds:) Varge and Cecil



Howe/Floyd girls. We were watching Meet the Robinsons

Thanksgiving Day in Sacramento. I made the girls turkey bows for their hair:)

My Cousin Alise with Kaylee

Alise. Cecil and Lily in background.

Gramma Cecil and the girls:)

Lily and Kaylee helped everyone get drinks at the park's water fountain.

Finger painting, the girls loooved it!

This is what peace looks like.

I fixed the girls' hair with the 3-barrel iron. They were so adorable:)

Cutest baby ever!!

Lily and I made a necklace just like in "Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom". As you can tell she was ecstatic:)

Making cookies. Their favorite thing to do is to "help":)


  1. fun photos, happy for your grandpa-my hubby reminds me they raised 4 daughters no Floyd sons to carry on the name so you are just continuing the!

  2. Oh I love all the pictures!!! You are such a good mom!! I love your girls...they are so dang cute!!

  3. The pictures are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you for sharing them! I hope everything is going great for you and your family!

  4. gorgeous pictures! i loved seeing your little family. thanks for sharing.