Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Family

We've had such a fabulous time the last few days. On Saturday we went with some friends to a hot springs swimming pool. It was so much fun! The water was nice and warm, just how I like it! There was a diving board there and the girls could not get enough of it! They would get in line and jump off, get in line and jump off. It was hard to swim out to the diving board and catch them every time. I am NOT a good swimmer, I made Michael do it most of the time:) It was super funny because there were a bunch of grown men trying to see who could jump off and touch the beam above the pool. So there would be like 6 huge guys in line and then tiny little Lily and Kaylee. Then they would get to the end of the board and bounce and bounce and bounce before they jumped off. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of it:( There were tons of people at the pool, we had to leave all our stuff in the locker room. I would have brought my camera out but there wasn't anywhere to set it down and I was afraid it would get wet and ruined!!

So like I said before, my family came to visit last weekend. It was so wonderful to have them here. I wish they could have stayed longer!:(

Every time anyone come to visit I neglect to take pictures, so I only have a few:

We love when our family stays at the hotel because the girls looooove to swim. Its seriously their favorite thing to do. Lily had a blast jumping in to the pool. Its funny to watch her because she plugs her nose with her hand every time she jumps, then she lets go as soon as she hits the water. She also throws her little legs up and kicks her bum ever time. You can kind of see in this picture.

Zach and Andrew threw both of the girls across the pool. Kaylee liked it the first three or four times and then she was ready to quit. Lily would have let them throw her all day long. She loved it. The top pic is Kaylee, bottom pic is Lily.

Here is a picture of our family at my Great-Aunt Nola's funeral. The Howe family and the Clark Christensen family and Grandpa and Cecil.

My Aunt Nola was 88 years old when she passed away. Her funeral was a joyous occasion. There were a lot, a LOT of people at her funeral. There were so many people who knew her and loved her. Family gathered from all over. At LDS funerals there is usually a family prayer in the viewing room. When the viewing in over, only the family stays in the room for the prayer and afterward they take the casket into the chapel (where everyone else is waiting), the family follows and then the funeral proceeds. In that room, during the prayer, were WELL over 50 family members! And I didn't know half of their names! But it was wonderful to see everyone visiting and so happy to be together. It made me think of what heaven must be like when we are all able to reunite with family members and be together again. Except there will be no mourning at all; only rejoicing! As I watched everyone visit I thought about my grandmother and my uncles, Matthew and David, and my great-grandparents and others in our family who have passed on. I thought about how wonderful it will be to meet with them again someday. I thought about Nola and how happy she must be to be reunited with her husband and with the children she lost when they were just babies. I know that there is life after death. I am comforted by my testimony of the gospel and the knowledge that families are eternal!
Nola Christensen Nessler, January 16, 1922~February 7, 2010


  1. I feel the same way about funerals-a joyous family gathering of life! Saying goodbye but not forever...

  2. Thank you for being a great friend. Thanks for the help with the freezer paper stenciling!!