Friday, March 26, 2010

Breakfast Time and Pirate Girls

Yesterday I made fruit kebobs for breakfast. I'm trying tho get the girls excited about eating healthy things. When I've made these before I've also stuck pineapple and grapes on them, but the girls always liek the strawberries best. I love having these for breakfast because they are SUPER easy to make and to clean up!

The left over bananas were all Kaylee's. Stinker!

I found this bandana at the store today. I couldn't resist it. As soon as I tied it on to Kaylee's head the girls started begging me to make them eyepatches!  I think they make pretty cute pirates, don't you??

Arg Matey!


  1. i love the eye patches!! and those fruit kabobs look delicious!!

  2. Your girls are so cute! I love them! Does Riley have strawberry-blonde hair? How cute! :)

  3. I thought your kids all had lazy eyes. lol! We are heading to texas next tuesday to visit my hubby's home state and see family.

  4. Riley does have a little strawberry tint to her hair. Its a lot like Geri's but a little lighter. I always knew my third child would have a little red in their hair!!:)

  5. How Cute! I love that your so creative that you can make your girls little eyepatches. Also your pictures look amazing! I'm so excited about your new camera.