Friday, April 2, 2010

A Week's Worth!


Riley just learned how to fold her arms for prayer:)

Lily came into the living room with her umbrella and said, "Take my picture momma" So we had a 15 minute photoshoot. There are seriously like 30 of these photos and she had a new pose and facial expression for each one. Oh, how I love this little girl!

We had a ward FHE the other night with TONS of different activities. We chose swimming, of course;)
Yes, Riley is starting to walk. And it's the cutest thing ever, if I may say so myself.

This is our friend Jake Stout. He kept getting out of the pool and doing push-ups. Lily and Taylor thought it looked like fun so they decided to join him:)

So Michael had a paper that he absolutely needed me to fix right away. This is what I get for leaving the chocolate milk powder on the counter, a container full of beans on the table and then leaving Kaylee alone for 15 minutes. This is the end of chocolate milk in our family.

We go to the library for Story Time on Thursday's the girls love it. I love Lily's expression in the top pic. It seems like there might be something in that book that shouldn't be!!

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