Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Weekend and Yesterday

This is the morning before Easter. It was a blizzard! I was so mad! Underneath is Riley on the Blizzard Day. She looked so cute in her pjs, her sweater and her hat. She added color to such a dreary morning:) Oh, and she does not sit in a forward acing seat yet, I just stuck her in it for the picture:)

Here are the girls' easter baskets. We didn't get creative with hiding the baskets! I admit I went overboard with the candy. I am suffering the consequences though. I learned my lesson for the upcoming years!
The girls were delighted to find their goodies from the Easter Bunny! And in case you were wondering, yes, Lily spends the majority of her time in her undies. I just can't keep the child dressed!

Here is Michael chopping onions for our Easter feast. Cousin Audrey was kind enough to fetch some shades from her car so he could stop crying! ps. she found those glasses in the creek last summer, I'm pretty sure they were the greatest find ever!

Here we are together after dinner. Geri and her bf Shane, Audrey, Me, Michael. Pretty sure you all know who the kids are;)

I love this picture for so many reasons!

My girls adore Shane. Whe Geri comes over with out him they ask, "Where's your best friend Shane?"

Daddy with his girls

Lily and Taylor

I just wanted to give you an idea of how cold it is here! Rawr. I can't wait for summer!

We went to Cal Ranch to look at the baby chicks and the bunnies. Kaylee fell asleep! But as soon as she heard the little chicks peeping she woke right up and danced all around. She was overcome with excitement!

Aren't they cuuuuuute??? When I talked to my mom yesterday I told her we bought a pet bunny. She didn't believe me. She knows me too well:)

Yesterday I made a new wreath for our front door. Finally! (I found the tutorial here) It looked simple and I had everything I needed on hand. I'm happy to report that this project didn't cost me a dime:)

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  1. First off, I LOVE all the pictures. Secondly, I love your new wreath!