Monday, October 18, 2010


We had so much fun in CA!! We went to the beach Santa Monica and then to the San Diego Zoo and then to the beach again! How I looooove the beach. I wish I could live there!!! Oh, and a special thanks to the Nilsen family for letting us stay the night with them when we went to the Zoo!!!:)

We got the girls these dumb floaty bathing suits because I was feeling paranoid and they were on sale. Worst purchase ever! But luckily, the children didn't care:)

Here we all are at the Zoo. We had such a fun day! I'm SOOOoo happy that you were able to come with us Heather!
You can't tell from this pic but the snake was looking RIGHT at us!

Coolest animal of the day!

Mama and baby

This guy was huge!!

The panda exhibit was a bit of a let down but at least we got a pic!!

Cute elephants

The Polar Bear exhibit was so neat!!!


Making new friends

Reading a huge book

My brother Andrew's cute girlfriend, Nicole

Michael and me:)

Mom, Melysa, Nicole

After boogie boarding. It was SOOoooooo fun!!! 

But it was freeeeezing that day. I could not believe how COLD it was. My hair was dripping wet and I was doing everything I could to stay warm.

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  1. Lets go to the zoo again!!! That was so fun! Thanks for letting me come!