Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy (late, late, LATE)Birthday Riley (Feb 12)

These are pictures of the day Riley was born. As you can see, the date on the camera was nowhere close to being correct!:)

Here are some pictures of Riley's 2nd year:

How I love this Angel Baby! Riley is such a good and sweet little girl. She is a mommy's girl and sure knows how to make me feel loved:) She is very good about letting everyone know that she loves them. She says, "I love you" all day long!:)
An interesting fact about Riley: She is a clean freak! She asks me to wash her hands several times a day, and especially after every meal. She also tells me when she needs a diaper change, as SOON as she needs a diaper change. If I don't hop to it, she stands next to me and says, "I need diaper change, Mommy" over and over, until I get it done.
Riley is growing up so fast. She is very independent and says things like, "Let me do it" and "I want my own". Sometimes she can be quite snotty, but she is very good at saying please and almost never forgets to say thank you:)

Riley Girl, I love you more than you will ever know! Thank you for being my tiny, tiny baby. I LOVE YOU!


  1. Wow! I can't believe how dark her hair was. I love that you put up old pictures for their birthdays.

  2. Oh my goodness Katie! There is not a cuter little girl in the whole world! I love that Riley girl so MUCH! I can't wait to live close to you guys and see all of you all the time!