Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lily's B-Day (and introducing Floyd Farms;))

We had a little teeny, tiny birthday party for Lily. We had my brothers over and, of course, Heather and Taylor. They brought the best, coolest gift I've ever even heard of!

 What is it??

 I can't believe it!

 The cutest, tiniest baby chickens!

 The girls were thrilled! Kaylee and Lily love to pet them and hold them and Riley likes to look at them. She refuses to touch them and if they so much as advance toward her, she begins to cry and runs away!
The girls named the babies Leggy, Eighty, and Nikka (I have no idea where those names even came from). Kaylee had originally named one of the chicks Hussy. We talked her into choosing a  new name and Nikka is what she came up with.

 Clearly, Michael took the girls shopping for birthday supplies:) They were very happy with their assortment! I forgot to include the Tinker Bell napkins in the photo:(

 Singing "Happy Birthday"

 When we told her to blow out the candles, she said, "Wait! I have to make a wish first!"
She told me that she wished to turn into a fairy. Woops! I guess its not going to come true now;)

 Here is Riley in her new car that she got for Lily's birthday:)

Heather and Kaylee, holding Leggy and Nikka


  1. Oh so cute!! I am so glad the girls love them. Taylor wants to call and check on them ALL THE TIME

  2. Way cute! But what about in 8 weeks? any plans? Sorry, I just raised one about that long in a lab environment, so I know it gets tricky!

  3. Ha ha! You never told me what Lily wished for! She is so cute!!!

  4. How cute. I love the birthday supplies.