Thursday, May 12, 2011


that's what Kaylee calls it.

We had spaghetti a while back and I thought it would be fun to teach the girls how to eat it with a spoon (you know, where you wind it up on the spoon with your fork??). I just learned that it's actually considered bad form to eat it that way, so I guess I wont pursue teaching them;) ANYWAYS. Riley, of course, was the only one interested in trying to eat it that way for more than one bite. It was so messy. and cute. and of course that meant I needed to grab my camera.


Spaghetti is our family favorite. The girls get super excited when they find out we're having it for dinner and the recipe makes so much that we always have plenty leftover for cold spaghetti sandwiches for the next few days. yum!


  1. She is so beautiful! Even with buh-sketti all over her face:)

  2. Ahah! I found it! As I was saying. The third one is my new favorite picture of Riley...