Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day how 'bout a post that has nothing to do with it!:)

Riley has be come our little talker. It is so funny to see and hear sentences coming out of my tiny baby's mouth. Sometimes it seems like it can't even be real! So today my brother (Zach) and I had a conversation with her- one of her first conversations EVER! and it was adorable. We were sitting at the table and here is how it went:

Riley: "I don't like cats anymore. They are say 'Meowwww'"
Zach: "You don't like cats???"
Me: "Why don't you like cats anymore?"
Riley: (tuv=because. Its my favorite!!!) "Tuv they bite me. They mad for me."

Like I said, it doesn't even seem possible that things like this come out of her mouth! I bet our Rexburg friends wouldn't even believe that Riley talks like this. You would never know with how quiet she is in public. And most of the time it even surprises me when she talks! Oh! one more Riley Talks story:

The other day I took the girls to DI and told them that we were not getting any toys. I told them we could buy books and movies, but we were not buying toys at DI anymore. A few hours later we were at our friends' house (Heather and Talyor) and she very somberly told them, "We don't buy toys anymore". It was so funny and cute and just a little sad because of how pathetically she said it.

I love this little girl. I can't believe how much she is growing and what a big girl she is becoming! What happened to my tiny baby???

ps. I'm not really sure where the cat thing even came from. She has zero experience with cats. and she's definitely never been bitten by one!

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