Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the 4th

The 4th of July happens to be my favorite holiday. We had such a fun day but, unfortunately, much of it went undocumented. We started the day out with a parade, then we barbecued with some dear friends. I made a video of my hamburger for my photo class and I'm sure our friends thought I was just a little crazy. The day ended with fireworks, of course! We were super close to where they were being set off and our girls were SCARED! It was kind of funny:)

 In Rexburg the parade has two lines of spectators. The one to the right are the misbehaved children, ready to clamor for all the candy they can get their greedy hands on. The line to the left are the parents who refuse to control their children and make them stand back. {ps. in case you can't tell, on the very left of the picture are Zach and Kaylee. This is the only pic I got of her all day:( }

 For the most part we had the girls stay back with us. We did let Lily go up to the naughty-child-line  once or twice so she could actually see what was happening (can you see that those kids are almost in the middle of the street??). Kaylee was perfectly content to sit on Zach's lap for the entire parade. She got up a few times to snag some candies that had been thrown over the other kids' heads.

 Here are my youngest and my oldest being perfect and holding hands:)

I love this!

Riley was actually able to get one or two pieces of candy all on her own! She is lucky that she has loving big sisters who picked up lots of candy and immediately gave it to their baby sis.

 Pee tickets, anyone??

And here is what I did during the bbq, rather than take pictures of our friends and their cute children... :(


  1. We always sat on the porter park side of the street- looks like you were on Main St. We did have some wild children too, but mostly we could still be at the front of the action while remaining on the curb or just in front of it! Looks fun!

  2. I love the pictures of Lily and Riley holding hands! What sweet little girls! I miss them so much! Ooooo! And I loved your hamburger video:) Very neat!

  3. Looks like so much fun. I wish we could have been there with our babies. They are so adorable, I love them soooo much....and if I were your teacher, I would definitely give you an A+ on the video. Very cute!