Monday, September 26, 2011

(another) first day if school!

Today was Kaylee's very first day of preschool! She was sooooo excited to go and when I dropped her off she was very shy but she didn't cling to me or ask for me to stay at ALL! I was very pleasantly surprised:) I watched her from the observation booth for a  few minutes before I left and she jumped right in to the preschool action. I was so happy!!

 Riley really wanted to be in these pictures but apparently she didn't care about taking a good photograph.

 I just think Kaylee is the cutest thing ever.

 I took this one from the observation booth. It's a two-way mirror so she couldn't see me. When she saw this pic she was like "How did you take that??? Where were you??"

 Riley and I had a whole hour and a half of Riley and Mommy time. We decided to make playdough.

Here is our creation. He was ill-fated and was squished flat by a Giant Riley Monster.

Kaylee had a great first day. When I picked her up from school she said she didn't learn anything but she ate applesauce and cheese and got to play outside... sounds good to me.


  1. I am so glad she loved it. Classic kaylee with her shoes on the wrong feet. She looks adorable and i miss them so bad

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I love your girls so much!!! Kaylee has the most contagious smile!