Sunday, September 25, 2011

nothing very much

I haven't posted yet because I want to wait until I do a birthday post for Michael. but.... we just packed up the photo albums and I need pictures of his sweet little angel face as a tiny child. hopefully I can do it next week after we move! oh yeah, and in May half my family celebrated their birthdays and I COMPLETELY spaced doing birthday posts for them. so that will be coming up too:)

and because my blog is all about the pictures, I simply can't leave you with a post withOUT a photo or two.

Kaylee thought that toting the bunny around in this basket was loads of fun. I'm not sure how Snowflake(Rapunzel-Makelle) felt about it....

These two are bestie best friends.
and do I have to tell you they dressed themselves?? i love the outfits they come up with. and Kaylee's clothes are always on backwards, everything from her shirt to her undies. she insists. she says she like them that way. 

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  1. I hope my girls will be best friends like yours are!