Saturday, October 29, 2011

i just found this. it's kind of old...

Dear Emma,

I love you so much. In 3 weeks I want you to come to my house. And I want to write a letter to Grandma too. Thank you so much for the Raggedy Anne  and Andy dolls. Thank you for the letters with us and the cookies. In 3 weeks I want you to come to my house, Emma. and we're making a pirate bed ship. And then you can come with me into the backyard with me and Kaylee and Riley and we can play in the backyard! Or you can draw with chalk with me in the front yard. And maybe you can sleep with me into my bedroom. You can play with me into my bedroom, you can read with me into my bedroom, or you can draw with me in my bedroom. Before we make a pirate ship, we need to make a map. And guess what, Emma? I just turned 5! I love you, Emma.
Love, Lily

ps. I can eat yummy food like graham crackers. And I can drink yummy drinks like chocolate milk. Or I can eat strawberries or cheese and tortillas.

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  1. This blog is a pleasure to look at. I am stunned every time at the beauty of your daughters, your vivacious photography and the funny little stories. I think you keep an excellent blog and you seem to be an exceptional mother. In a world so busy and polluted as this one, something lovely as your little family is an inspiration. I thank you for keeping it going and I know one day your girls will too.